Students and researchers in the life sciences are often unaware of the prospects available to them outside of academic research, nor do they recognise the skills required to develop innovative ideas into viable products or businesses. The King’s College London Innovation Forum (KCLIF) exists to help bridge the gap between academic science, industry and the public sector. Our objectives are to enlighten and inform students across KCL of the vast range of opportunities outside academia, and assist them in assembling the skills necessary to be successful drivers of innovation and attractive prospects in industry.

To best meet these goals, we will be organising a number of seminars that address the varied nature of opportunities outside of academia and to allow students to seriously consider how innovation and commercialisation can be applied to their own research. These talks will feature inspirational speakers in innovation with multidisciplinary experiences, to provide a chance for students, staff and speakers to discuss ideas as well as collaborate. Finally, we would like to help students identify, develop and practise the necessary business skills for commercialisation, through a series of focussed workshops.

We are based at King’s College London and to find out more about our events, please visit our facebook page or e-mail us at [email protected].


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