Event highlights: Innovation in the Microbiome

Paris Written by Paris Kosti
Published on 18 November 2018
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On 21st of February 2018 the Innovation Forum at King’s College London organised a seminar on Innovation in the Microbiome. The seminar took place in B5 Auditorium, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Stamford Street.


Event reception and registration 


President of Innovation Forum, Victoria Carr, introduces Innovation Forum

Dr Penny Wilson – Senior Specialist in AMR, Vaccines and Global Health at Innovate UK

Prof Tim Spector – Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Director of TwinsUK at King’s College London & Author

Dr David Moyes – Lecturer in Host-Microbiome Interactions, King’s College London

Lisa and Alana Macfarlane, The Gut Stuff

Dr Judith Fernandez-Piquer – Scientist at the Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre, Unilever

Start-up Showcase BioMe Oxford Ltd

Panel Discussion and Questions, chaired by Lisa and Alana Macfarlane

Drinks and Networking





KCL Entrepreneurship Institute        

Seerave Foundation


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