Event highlights: Looking into the Future of Science Innovation

Victoria Carr Written by Victoria Carr
Published on 27 June 2017
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On 1st July, Innovation Forum KCL hosted the Future of Science Innovation: building collaborations between academia, start-ups and industry at Bush House, The Strand. This event brought together start-up founders, academics, corporates and policymakers to discuss how start-up-industry collaborations can be successfully initiated and maintained to drive innovation.

The event commenced with a panel discussion, followed an audience Q&A, interviews with panelists and networking. We were delighted to have expert panelists: Prof Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE, serial entrepreneur; Prof Jackie Hunter CBE, CEO of Benevolent Bio; Dr Duncan Young, Associate Director at Scientific Partnering and Alliances at AstraZeneca; and Dr Jim Totty, Managing Partner at STIL.

Highlights from the event

“The best part of 100 years combined experience in the room answering questions and tackling issues that were raised” – Prof Stefan Allesch-Taylor


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