Workshop highlights: Finding a Good Problem to Solve

Paris Written by Paris Kosti
Published on 18 November 2018
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On the 3rd of October 2018 the Innovation Forum London and Science Practice organised a workshop on identifying what is a good problem to solve. The workshop took place at the Seminar Room, 28th Floor, Guy’s Hospital Tower Wing.

Translating research into a business is not easy. But having a better understanding of the real-world problems that your research could be solving is a great first step and is itself challenging.

According to Ana Florescu, the Head of Good Problems at Science Practice, the scientific method is an excellent skill for successful entrepreneurship.

This interactive workshop brought together science entrepreneurs to define and validate real-world problems and to think of possible solutions together.     






About the Good Problems Team at Science Practice

Science Practice is a research and design consultancy based in London. Good Problems Team from Science Practice specialises in researching and prioritising science and tech challenges and engaging with domain experts through interviews and workshops.

Science Practice helped in research and design of over 30 challenge-led innovation funding programmes, including the £10 million Longitude Prize, innovation funding calls, and online acceleration programmes. Their clients include Nesta, the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, Deep Science Ventures, Innovate UK and the Newton Fund.


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